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I am Dr. Jackson, a mental health coach and work with individuals and athletes to promote positive mental health practices. My work is grounded in becoming self aware in order to reach your full potential in life rather on the court or off the court.

I have 10 plus years in clinical counseling, with an emphasis on trauma therapy and mental health performance training. I utilize a curated assessment in order to develop and implement individualized plan of care.

We help to change lives through compassion, trust and understanding.

At Jackson Consulting, the goal is always to ensure the best results while maximizing time spent. This means every session is conducted with your best interests at heart.

No exceptions.

Find out more about how we can help you become better.

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What Can We Help You With

Individual Therapy
Trauma Informed Individual therapy-Individualized therapy that focuses on working through trauma experienced.
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Group Therapy
Groups are closed and are capped at 12 individuals in order to create an intimate cohesive setting.
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Mental Health Performance
Assisting athletes reach their full performance potential through social emotional programming. While also assisting coaches understand the value of mental health performance for athletes and teams.
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Everyone Experiences Anxiety

Bring Back the Healthy Life Again in a Healthy and Effective Way!

Boosting your mental health and wellness is crucial to living a happy and contented life. Anxiety and depression can be life-threatening sometimes. At Jackson Consulting LLC, we prioritize your psychological health rather than your physical wellbeing.

Jackson Consulting LLC is the leading mental health and wellness center that provides group therapy for depression and anxiety. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you're not the only one suffering. There are others like you. We help you come out of the most depressing phase of your life.

Peer-to-Peer Group Therapy for Depression: The Key to Healthy Life

Anxiety and depression tend to affect a vast population. The adults suffering from this condition become fearful and uncertain about their lives. However, the members in our anxiety group therapy help each other overcome their fears.

Sharing stories and meeting people can be helpful. With our effective group therapy, we have helped people with social anxiety come forward and share their stories.

We Are More Than a Support Group

Jackson Mental Health and Wellness Center

At Jackson Consulting LLC, we provide support to all our members. We are a community, a family and not just any support group.

Being a mental health and wellness centre, we ensure to provide all levels of support to our members. Depending on the condition you're suffering from, you can opt for cognitive and behavioural therapy psychology.

We also provide PTSD group therapy. The loss of a loved one or a traumatic event can leave a huge scar in our hearts. However, you're not the only one. Therefore, the group comes together and shares each other's sorrows. While it may not help to fill the void, it can help you overcome the pain.

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We have professionals who ensure to provide the best help. Anxiety and depression can be daunting. Not only will it drain you physically but also emotionally. We understand the part and, therefore, help you overcome it.

Our cognitive therapy psychology is aimed at growth. We will help you overcome the physical and emotional burden. Furthermore, as a mental health and wellness centre, we also create mental health programs for communities.

We are there to help you. At Jackson Consulting LLC, we believe that everyone has the right to a good life. What is stopping you? Our professionals understand your situation and, therefore, help you overcome your pain.

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